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Plateno Connect makes every hotel visible and bookable for Chinese travelers

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  • fulfilling legal requirements
  • under Chinese domain
  • hosted in China
  • optimized for Chinese search engine


  • officially registered in China
  • customized according to hotel CI
  • professional account management
  • reporting

WeChat is not just a messaging app, as most non- Chinese mobile users would think, but an open communication platform, which already encloses more than 10 million apps. Nearly any organization or company can make an app, known as an "official account" on WeChat. Media companies, banks, celebrities, brands, and startups, all have their own accounts. Individuals with accounts can access APIs for features like direct messaging, voice messaging, payments, and location.

With WeChat users can do pretty much everything, from hailing a cab, to managing credit card bills, checking the news, and more. In addition, one in five WeChat users take advantage of WeChat's payments feature. Users upload their baking information, or credit card number, and buy products or services from any official account in WeChat. There is no better way to stay in touch with Chinese customers than having an "official account" on WeChat. Plateno creates the account for your hotel, it customizes it, and it manages it according to a strategy agreed upon with you.

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  • access to more than 80 million members of Plateno Membership Club
  • real-time rate & availability management
  • no need to update hotel distribution architecture

Plateno Club by Plateno is the largest membership-based program in hospitality worldwide. Its 80 M members are loyal, direct bookers, who prefer online and social media channels, rather than traditional phone bookings. To better fulfill the expectations of its members, Plateno Club was rebranded as Plateno Trip, and offers a complete travel experience, including international accommodation service, via a network of certified Plateno partners. Thanks to recently created, modern interface, additional hotels can be connected to Plateno Trip to get in front of more than 80 M members of our club.

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  • connectivity to main Chinese OTA's
  • set-up and account management in Chinese
  • reporting

Although direct online business was always the priority of Plateno brands, 3rd party channels are also considered important in the whole distribution mix. Therefore, besides connectivity to Plateno Trip, we also support distribution via Chinese OTA's. Due to Plateno’s powerful technology, European hotels get additional visibility and opportunities to generate more revenue.



67% of business travelers use OTAs (...) to place their hotel bookings

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  • account set-up
  • campaigns management
  • reviews monitoring and management


  • localisation of marketing materials
  • translation services
  • distribution consulting


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