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Revealing the specifics of the Chinese market

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  • on-site test
  • phone check
  • on-line review

To be a recognized "China Preferred by Plateno" property, hotels need to be audited based on an individual checklist. Any hotel that enrolled in the training course can apply for the "China Preferred by Plateno" label. After a careful examination of the services provided by each specific hotel, if this fulfils the needs of the Chinese travelers, the label will be granted. Verification is done through a survey that can be completed by the hoteliers online, on-site, and possibly with the help of a “mystery guest” test.

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  • specifics of Chinese travel market
  • expectations and behavior of Chinese traveler
  • promotion to Chinese traveler

The training course lasts only two days. Training sessions will be organized in most main European cities, to make our know-how accessible to more hoteliers. The Agenda of the course covers the most important information needed to properly prepare a marketing strategy for the Chinese market. Hoteliers will learn how to use the right channels to reach Chinese travelers, and how to cater to Chinese guests after they arrive at their hotels. The main topics of the course are:

  • China: country, languages, culture, geography, history, population.
  • Travel: trains, flights, airports, direct connections.
  • Political situation: limitations, visas, preferences.
  • Economy: current situation, currency, salaries, spending patterns.
  • Marketing channels:websites, social media, printed materials, TV.
  • Before the arrival.
  • On-site experience.
  • Travel habits: food, security, payments.

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  • placement at the hotel entrance
  • widget for hotel website
  • ready to use in all hotel marketing materials


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