Package Enhacement

Chineese Distribution

Statistically, circa 125 million Chinese travelers went abroad for their holidays in 2015. This number is growing approximately 25% year over year.

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Training Standarization Promotion

Integrated Technology

We have teamed up with the biggest and most reliable providers in the hotel services industry to offer an all-in-one technology package that is hassle-free and quick to implement, simple to join, and with minimum commitment.

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Design & Equipment

The new benchmark for design& equipment.

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Training Standarization Promotion

China Preferred

Hoteliers and hospitality professionals who need training and resources that reveal the specifics of the Chinese market, the wants and needs of Chinese travelers, ways to communicate on this market, and distribution channels, can definitely benefit from our rich assets and Plateno Connect.

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  • Rooms distribution to world's biggest outbound travel market

  • Customer service in the same time zone

  • Performance based business model

  • Minimal set-up fee

  • Omni-channel approach covering direct & in-direct channels

  • Understanding of hotel business

  • One contact person for multiple channels

  • No long-tern binding agreements

  • Multi-lingual customer service

What is Plateno Connect?

Plateno Connect is an easy opt-in, low-cost package that will enhance your hotel business. Backed by the leading Chinese Hotel group, Plateno Connect will improve your brand visibility from hyperlocal, to the overseas market, providing pertinent insight and know-how on the best practices of Chinese marketing. It’s time to give your independent hotel an advantage over the competition, with just a low initial investment.

Why Plateno Connect?

By entering the "Plateno Connect" alliance hotels gain access to superior know-how on the strongest outbound travel market: China. Other perks include connectivity to Chinese online distribution platforms and technology, property design, and equipment upgrades. With an optimised online presence, hotels have access to the dynamically growing Chinese market. Join our Plateno Connect program to reap all these benefits.

Who shoud sign-up?

Plateno Connect is the combination of know-how module, distribution and technology, thus it's the go-to solution for hotel managers and owners seeking a new, cost-saving strategy that will increase room occupancy. Plateno Connect helps hoteliers tap into the Chinese market to grow their business. Plateno Connect is also ideal for real estate owners who are pursuing hospitality as a key avenue of business development.


The Plateno Group is one of the most influential and innovative customer-centric companies in Asia, with over 3, 700 hotels in 300 destinations, and 80 million loyalty members. Plateno has 20 brands that consist of 16 hotel brands, a serviced apartment brand, a cafe brand, an art platform, and an online travel platform.

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